Turning Clock Deluxe

Sold in Packages of 5 for $124.99 USD ($24.99 per Clock)

Product Specifications Included with each Turning Clock:

  • 10.75” by 12”, magnetic dry erase board
  • 3 Supine positioning magnets
  • 3 Right Partial side lying magnets
  • 3 Left Partial side lying magnets
  • 3 Time of next turn magnets
  • 3 Current position magnets
  • Resource CD with Power Point Training Module with embedded video demonstrating use and proper positioning techniques (one per order)

Turning Clock Deluxe Advantages

Helps prevent and treat pressure ulcers

Customizable depending on patient needs

Visibly demonstrates best practice & due diligence to Patients, Families, Caregivers, and regulatory bodies

Highly visible illustrations direct caregivers on proper positioning

Easy to use in multiple care settings – hospitals, long term care, and community care

Lowers care related costs

Supervisors can quickly and easily monitor compliance with wound care plans

Easy to implement with included training tools

Can be cleaned for compliance with infection control protocols

Specific instructions can be written on board with dry erase marker

Durable and reusable

A new level of customization in creating turning and positioning schedules

When you are dealing with complex wound care or are looking for a Turning Clock that can provide you years of use choose the Safe Moves Turning Clock Deluxe. It’s even more customizable then the Safe Moves Turning Clock EZ!

Two hour turning schedules may be the accepted standard however we all know that may not work for everyone. Some patients with complex wound care needs may require more frequent turns, while for other patients, three hour turns may be less disruptive to their sleep patterns while still providing adequate protection. With the Safe Moves Turning Clock Deluxe you are free to set whatever frequency of turning is required. You can even set different turning times per position for patients with multiple wounds!

The Safe Moves Turning Clock Deluxe’s magnetic, dry erase board is durable and reusable. Our professionally illustrated magnets direct caregivers to position patients correctly even if English is a second language.

The Safe Moves Turing Clock Deluxe makes it quick and easy for supervisors to monitor staff compliance with turning schedules.

Thoroughly Evaluated

The Safe Moves Turning Clock Deluxe has been extensively trialed to ensure it can be an effective part of your wound prevention and treatment program.

In 2010 a 200 bed personal care home conducted a 6 week evaluation of the Safe Moves Turning Clock. Results:

  • Effective at promoting the prescribed therapeutic positioning schedule well over 90% of the time when audited
  • Effective at preventing new skin breakdown
  • Effective at promoting healing of existing skin breakdown
  • When surveyed, 100% of the managers and wound care team members felt the Safe Moves Turning Clock was an effective tool for monitoring positioning schedules and recommended its continued use.

These findings were presented as a poster at the 2010 Canadian Association of Wound Care Conference where Safe Moves was selected by the attendees as the “Peoples’ Choice” Award Winner (click to view poster)

A year later, a follow-up survey of frontline caregivers was conducted at the same personal care home where the initial evaluation of the Safe Moves Turning Clock took place. 96% of caregivers felt the Safe Moves Turning Clock was an effective tool for improving quality care.

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