Providing Long Term Solutions to Wound & Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Great for patients that are:

Currently Experiencing a Pressure Ulcers or Have a History of Pressure Ulcers

At Risk for Pressure Ulcers

Unable to Reposition Themselves in Bed Independently

Injury Prevention

The Problem

Research has shown that turning schedules are an effective tool for the prevention and healing of pressure ulcers. Unfortunately, most healthcare organizations struggle to communicate this crucial need to caregivers. In addition, it is difficult for supervisors to effectively monitor & manage turning schedules, which can lead to dramatically increased treatment costs, legal risks, and patient/family dissatisfaction.

The Solution

With our new patented Safe Moves EZ and Deluxe Turning Clocks we have two innovative new products that are essential tools in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. These interactive communication tools are posted at the patient’s bedside and outlines the individualized turning schedule, including the frequency of positioning, type of position and time of the next position change.


See the benefits that the Safe Moves products help provide for your team!


Fully customizable based on the needs of the patient


Easy to use




Easy to monitor compliance

Our Products

Turning Clock EZ


Turning Clock Deluxe