Safe Moves Activate Communication Board

Sold in Packages of 5 for $134.99 USD (26.99 per board)

Clearly and effectively communicate the transfer, mobility and special care needs of Clients through the use of the Safe Moves Activate Communication Board!

Activate allows Caregivers to see at a glance the level of assistance required – improving Client and Caregiver safety.

Product Features:

  • Patent pending dial wheels effectively display of each Resident’s Transfer, Bed Mobility, Functional Mobility & Fall Safety information at a glance to caregivers.
  • A swing down section-the “Getting to Know Me” tab communicates each Resident’s unique life story & preferences to Caregivers
  • Specific instructions in each section can be written with dry-erase marker!
  • Logos demonstrate proper ergonomics for safe Resident handling tasks reinforcing safe work procedures
  • Visibly demonstrates leading practice to Residents, Families, regulatory bodies & Caregivers
  • Easy bedside reminder for increased quality of care
  • Powerful cultural change tool creates meaningful interaction where the care is provided!

Activate Advantages

4 detailed Safe patient handling Power point training modules

Module 1 – Theory & Assessment Skills

Module 2 – Safe Transfer Skills

Module 3 – Safe Lift Usage

Module 4 – Safe Repositioning Skills

All modules utilize extensive use of video clips demonstrating proper techniques

No annual licensing fees

Animated Graphics

Professionally designed illustrations

30+ expertly designed Patient Handling Safe Work Procedures with professionally designed illustrations

150+ page Client Handling Policy Manual-fully customizable to your Facility

Heavily Customizable

Contact us to customize your logos as well! Optional Getting to Know Me Flip Down Write in Section – Flip up out of sight or flip down and use. You decide!

Easily communicate to Caregivers the preferences and life history of your clients using a dry erase pen!

Available Logos

Transfers Section:

  • Independent
  • Supervised
  • 1 Minimum Assist
  • 2 Minimum Assist
  • Sliding Board
  • Sit/Stand lift
  • Mechanical Lift

Bed Mobility Section:

  • Independent
  • One Minimum Assist
  • Two Person Assist
  • Trapeze Bar
  • Maximum Assist (select number of Caregivers)

Mobility Section:

  • No Aids
  • Cane
  • Walker
  • Propels chair
  • Power Mobility
  • Tilt Chair
  • Assist to Propel

Fall Safety Section:

  • Low Risk (yellow)
  • Medium Risk (Orange)
  • High Risk (Red)

Special Bonus – With any purchase over $500 receive the Safe Moves Patient Handling resource package free of charge! A Value of $499 absolutely free!

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